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Huawei P30 Shipped Over 16.5 Million Units in 6 Months

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The Kirin 990 is on everyone’s lips. Today, in Germany, Huawei released a new generation of flagship chip, namely the Kirin 990. Plus, the manufacturer announced new colors for the Huawei P30 Pro – ink magnolia and smoke purple. But there was another statement that caught our attention. It officially announced that the Huawei P30 series smartphones have been on the market for 6 months. And during this period of time, its sales exceeded 16.5 million units.
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Sony Xperia 5 announced, will retail for $860

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Sony might have pulled out of many smartphone markets across the globe, but it is not about to stop its smartphone business anytime soon. At the hustle and bustle of IFA 2019, the company has announced the Xperia 5 flagship. And while a Sony handset was inevitably expected, what was not expected was its Xperia 5 moniker jumping straight from Xperia 1. The Sony Xperia 5 is priced at $860 (699 Pounds) and will be available starting October. Pre-orders for the phone start next week for select European countries.
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OPPO Reno 2 To Support Image Stabilization For Both Photo and Video

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Today, OPPO released a new promo video to showcase a new feature of the upcoming OPPO Reno 2. As you know, it will be a quad-camera smartphone with a number of enhancements mainly referring to the camera app. Now, it turns out this handset will support image stabilization for both photo capturing and video recording.
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Samsung announces KlaytnPhone Blockchain Galaxy Note10 5G in Korea

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The year 2019 could end up as one in which Samsung has opted to introduce the most number of flagship phones at the same time. The Galaxy S10 came in its numbers, the Galaxy fold tipped for a second coming in two variants, and for the first time, the Galaxy Note series came in pair – a standard, and plus size variants. Samsung however, thinks that isn’t enough, as it has yet again released special variants of the Galaxy Note 10 in its home country. The addition comes in the form of a special edition KlaytnPhone blockchain Galaxy Note10 5G and Note10+ 5G, and could be seen as its take on HTC’s Blockchain phone.
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Ulefone Armor X3 shows its customized button

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The new entry-level rugged smartphone of Ulefone – Armor X3 has been launched for a while and many people have noticed that it comes with multiple creative functions, such as Customized Button or Gloves Pattern. For those curious about these functions the makers released a video today showing the customized button in detail, so let’s have a look.
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Huawei Kirin 990 AI computing power: supports real-time dynamic scene separation

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Today, Huawei officially released the new generation Kirin 990 series flagship chip in China and Germany. This chip series has two chips, Kirin 990 and Kirin 990 5G. The Kirin 990 5G chip integrates the 5G baseband chip Balong 5000. With this, it supports 5G network without an external 5G chip. In addition, it also supports SA/NSA dual architecture and TDD/FDD full frequency band.
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